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European Parliament, Brussels Belgium

I would like to present in a few sentences my trip to Brussels in 2012 and what I visited. As everyone knows, European Parliament is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union. First of all, European Union is one of the most significant and important institution with the biggest impact in Europe. I think that most of the people know how a person can go and visit that big building, because not everyone can go, visit the parliament and see how it works. This is only happens if you get an invitation from a member of the parliament. I want to step back in time and describe how it all began.


In 2012, when I was at high school we had a topic refers to European Parliament. We had to write an essay and the award for the winners was trip to Brussels and visiting European Union. Fortunately, I was elected with other 10 guys to go to Brussels. We went there, visit that amazing place, saw how they work and even we attended one of the meetings of the European Commission.

It was unforgettable experience for me and I never forget that trip. I met with most of the leading figures and the most important people who worked in parliament then. I even talked with them and it was such a big experience. Of course, parliament is a tourist destination, because every year groups going there and visit the institution inside. I was one of the few people who had a chance to visit it.

That was the best experience I have ever had. I am really satisfied and proud that I have been there.  Some interesting fact is that each student who is EU citizen can apply for a traineeship and the vast majority of traineeship is in Brussels. European Union could be very useful place for youth people and especially students. Also, they organize meetings and events. Furthermore, they give a chance for young people to get big experience, a lot of knowledge and many unforgettable moments during the traineeship. I can honestly say that this is the greatest experience for me.

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Tourism Sustainability- U.A.E, Dubai


Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world for the last 20 years.In general, the society is the most important element for the development of tourism in last decades. Below, you can see some interesting facts about tourism sustainability in Dubai.


Sir Bani Yas island


The emirate of Dubai is surely one of the world’s most innovative monarchies, truly remarkable for the rapid pace at which it has progressed from the traditional occupations of pearl diving, fishing, farming, and herding to an ultra-modern center for business, finance, and tourism. However, sustainable tourism remains a fledgling industry in Dubai. Altogether, the Dubai department of tourism launched a “Green Tourism Award”, the main aim of the award and that program is that they want to encourage more innovations in eco-tourism. In United Arab Emirates there are a lot of opportunities to create tourism as a whole, especially in Dubai. They have everything to attract more and more tourists. They are trying to improve a lot of things refers to tourism industry, because one of the most important departments in U.A.E is tourism department. The government in Dubai really cares about it and they are making innovations and new things every day.

Furthermore, activities such as hiking and camping, traditional and local desert safaris, scuba-diving and snorkeling as well bird-watching adventures are among the most used  and most important activities in U.A.E. Thanks to these activities, Dubai attracts many people every year. You can find the best scuba-diving and snorkeling in the emirate of Fujairah. Also, there are several amazing man-made islands called Sir Bani Yas, Dalma island and Discovery island in U.A.E. They are a unique group of experience and different environments. These three unbelievable islands are the largest and most promote, offering historic artefacts, beautiful landscapes, natural beauty and adventures.
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Tourism Demand, Market Segmentation

There are many interesting facts about tourism industry, tourism demand and segments in the market. First of all, tourism demand is the total number of people who travel or want to travel to use tourist facilities away from their work places and residence. There are some crucial factors of tourism demand.

There is relationship between expenditure away from home and changes in disposable incomes. Another interesting fact is that India and China are the fastest emerging as tourism markets and suppliers with rapid economic growth. Also, increase in incomes can lead to growth in expenditure on travel and tourism.

The next point of this blog is market segmentation and how it works. Market segmentation is the process where potential customers with similar demands and characteristics are grouped together and tourism organization can apply marketing strategies.

Both tourism researchers and tourism industry use market segmentation widely to study opportunities for competitive advantage in the marketplace.   Tourists from all over the world are sensitive to the price changes of everything related to tourism industry. It all depends on how often people travel and love to spend their free time away from their home and work.

The main benefit of market segmentation is that understand wants and needs of customers and this is the most important when we talk about the development of tourism industry as a whole. When the tourism organization knows what people want and prefer then they can develop easier products and services.

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Tourism Destination – Dubai


I am going to write about the most expensive and luxurious hotel on the world which is situated in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab is a seven-star, luxury and very expensive hotel and according to many people one of the most beautiful building in the world. It was built in 1999. The hotel owns heliport on the roof.  With its 321 meters in height it is the fourth tallest hotel on the world. The richest people and the most famous stars are going there for vacation and more experience. The hotel owns modern, unique design and also the highest tennis court. People can do everything when they spend her/his time in the hotel, for example, they can do yoga, go swimming or get a massage as well. Moreover, there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy your time during your vacation in Burj Al Arab hotel such as playing billiards, go sightseeing, etc. The hotel offers 202 suites, also offers marble staircases and pillow menus. You can find everything in the hotel from food to entertainment. This hotel is tourist destination for a lot of people from all over the world.

In recent years, the number of visitors are going up. In my opinion, the main problem of the destination is that really expensive to go there and spent time.The staff of the hotel offers different types of food and beverages for the customers. There are also several festivals in the summer which take place in Dubai and could attract a lot of people as well. How to get to Burj Al Arab?
-There are three ways to get to unforgettable place.People can go there by land,by sea, by air- book a flight.

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